Sergi Lopez – Playa Del Carmen

Sergi Lpez is the perfect place for a holiday. It has all the charm of Ibiza without having to leave the continent. The Mediterranean coast of Spain is simply stunning and is an ideal place for relaxing. The weather is balmy all year round meaning that you can visit any time you like and spend as much or as little time as you want there.


This small coastal town is not packed with tourists are not the only people who come to the little town of Lpez. It is a town where families stay and it is not uncommon to find old men playing tennis or polo. There are plenty of interesting shops for food and drink as well as a good range of restaurants serving cuisine from all over Spain. It also has a unique water feature that was discovered by the diggers from the X-ray department of Sergi Lpez Hydroelectric plant.


Sergi Lpez offers many different routes for you to choose from. Some of the main routes include the Autopista del Sol, which travel along the sea front, the Velada de Arenal and then goes through La Cala. The southern most part of the town is known as the Castilla Islands and has a picturesque view of the Mediterranean and the island of Mallorca. From here you can take a boat trip to Catalina de Las Bambas, which includes stops at Calahonda. If you prefer you can just go to the resort and experience everything that is offered.


There are beaches in this area and there are children who love to explore them. There are two beaches in particular that are safe for swimming and offer some great views. These are the beach between Cala Xarraca and Cala Xegueta and the beach between Cala Xarcen and the village of Santa Cristina de Gracia. Both of these beaches are safe and provide a wide variety of activities for children and parents.


Adults can relax by the pool or on the grass. There is a mini beach available with a restaurant. There are no children allowed but there are plenty of kids’ games to keep the children occupied. There is also an outdoor gym which has an old fashioned volleyball. This gives parents and kids a chance to have some fun together.


In this lovely little city Sergi Lopez lies close to Fuengirola. Fuengirola is the capital of Galicia and the second largest town within Galicia itself. It is a busy place with a lot going on and it is home to many popular tourist sites.


During your visit you can enjoy the traditional local food as well as one of the many delicious restaurants that are dotted around the city. Children can enjoy donkey rides around the city. Donkeys are very important to the rural economy of Galicia and they are treated with great respect.


Once you have spent a week exploring Sergi Lopez, you will be sure to want to return again. The laid back atmosphere combined with friendly local people make it a perfect holiday destination for families to enjoy. You can guarantee that you will not be disappointed during your stay in Galicia. The holiday atmosphere combined with top quality hotels Galicia make it the perfect destination for a family holiday.


Sergi Lopez is situated on the Costa Blanca, where you can enjoy some stunning sunsets. There is a lot to see and do during your stay in this delightful little town. In fact, you may find that you are completely enthralled with this beautiful part of Spain.


During your holiday you can take the family to see the ancient relics in town. There is even a museum dedicated to the life of Jesus Christ. He is said to have experienced life in this town. The museum is housed in a magnificent old church. The atmosphere inside is very tranquil and soothing. This is an excellent way to end your holiday in Sergi Lopez.


If you are looking for somewhere quiet to relax then you should consider booking one of the fantastic holiday villas available to rent as holiday accommodation in Spain. The accommodation comes with it’s own unique charm and will ensure that your holiday in Sergi Lopez is one you will never forget. Enjoy yourself whilst exploring the region and sightseeing the coastline. When you are done with your travels, you will have many good reasons to return to this enchanting little town.

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