Pedro Almodvar – An Important Film Director

Pedro Almodvar is a celebrated Spanish director, writer, producer, screenwriter, and film director. Born in Grenada, Pedro moved to Spain when he was very young. He attended the universities of Grenada and Barcelona, where he earned a degree in film theory. After that, he worked for several years in Spain, producing award-winning commercials and short films. In the late eighties, he went to Hollywood and worked on some movies, but it was in the eighties that he made his name as an acclaimed director.


Like many of the new film directors of our day, Pedro Almodvar has gone through a lot of frustration and disappointment. He tried to direct an action film called Dead Man Walking, but it was not well received, and instead, Almodvar decided to go back to the drawing board and make something more substantial. The film failed to receive any support from the Spanish Film Council, and was never produced.


Then in 1994, Pedro went to Barcelona and began working on a remake of Ben Hur. He cast Ed Harris, who played the title role in the movie, as Jesus. There were problems with the screenplay, but the film was completed and won four Academy Awards and was one of the year’s biggest surprises. Pedro then decided to make another Spanish film directed by him, which would star Ben Kingsley, which did end up winning three Academy Awards and was also very successful.


While working on Kingsley Burrell’s latest film, Big Fish, Pedro Almodvar decided that it was time to take the film world by storm, and so decided to make a film that would be similar to Charlie Brown in the sense that it dealt with drugs and teenagers. So he picked a very famous Spanish drug lord named Narco Polo for the main character. Polo was based in the country of Galicia, and so the movie was called, simply, Polo. Although Polo’s identity is kept a mystery, what we do know is that he was an extremely popular character, with drug-addled bikers and other drug users associating with the drug lord and forming groups like “Piso Loco” (Pole Of Loco) and “La Familia”. Polo’s daughter, Paca, was so upset about her father’s treatment of her that she killed herself in prison.


So obviously, there is some link between Pedro Almodvar and his film directors before they made it big, but it seems that they started to work together after Big Fish. Also, it seems that they met each other while making that film, and only later did they collaborate with each other on their other movies. Paca is supposed to be the main character of the story, while others exist who are secondary to her.


Another film that they worked on together was the movie called el dia de una lacuna (The Wind Done Gone). It would have been loosely connected to Paca’s previous work, but it would have been totally different from what he was doing. It involved a drug lord named Tuco who was very corrupt, and Pedro Almodvar decided to get involved by asking the local authorities if they would free Tuco if only he could help them get rid of some criminals. Naturally, they had no choice but to agree.


The point of this film, however, isn’t exactly what happened. The real story is that Pedro Almodvar and Paca were good friends before. Paca was a mechanic, so he asked Pedro if he could help him with a case. They worked well together and they were inseparable. They even shared a pet dog, a Chihuahua named Fuerte. I’m not sure why, but it looks like they would have made a good team.


I would definitely consider Pedro Almodvar one of the most important film directors of all time. His films, regardless of genre, were always interesting, intelligent, and always full of character development. He truly made an impact on me as a film director. When I’m watching one of his movies now, I always remember the simple things that made it great. He showed qualities in all of his films, and if you ever want to learn more about his career, I recommend you do so.

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