Mario Casas – A Friend to Mario

Mario Casas, known professionally as Mario Casas, is an accomplished Spanish actor most notably known for his role as Diego in the TV sitcom, Happy Days. He also guest-starred in dozens of movies and TV shows, including one very memorable episode of The Simpsons. Today, Mario Casas is happy to focus on a new project with Spanish network channels. He’ll be playing a drug lord in an upcoming primetime series.


According to the actress, she began her career in films after her parents encouraged her to pursue an acting career. “My first big break was Happy Days, that’s when I got to know Mario Casas,” she said. “I became his love interest because he is so kind and handsome. That is why I feel such passion and joy for this new project with him.” She did not reveal if the character she’ll be playing is based on a real person or if it is a character she has created herself.


In fact, Casas revealed little about himself in a press conference in September attended by Universal Pictures’ president of production, Craig Bolotin. ” Mario Casas was a Spanish detective and agent who worked for the police force, so he speaks English perfectly,” the Australian-based actor said. “He had a British wife, so obviously he speaks English too. But it is really funny the way people interpret things, especially here in America.” Though he wouldn’t reveal whether the character he’ll be playing is based on a real life counterpart, Casas did say he is excited about the prospect.


Casas’s career began in Spain, working on a film called La Vida, in which he played a bad man. After the movie ended, he went on to star in other well-received films including Alfa de la Luz and Granada. The role of Diego in Happy Days was particular memorable, as Casas plays a plucky, lovable character that the audience quickly falls in love with. According to the American actor, the character of Mario Casas “wasn’t meant to be a hero. Mario was just another guy who had a bit of a problem.”


However, in the Spanish speaking world, Mario Casas is remembered more for his starring role as Diego, the pizza Delivery boy who ends up getting killed by a mugger (in one of the more memorable scenes in Mario Casas’s filmography). Even though the character was never given a name in the original tale, Casas made sure that fans knew who Diego was in the version of Happy Days that aired on Univision. In his Instagram posting, the actor showed off a picture from a happier time, when he was with his wife. He captioned the image, “My wife and me in happier days. Yes, you heard me right: we’re happy.


In a later episode, Mario Casas’ character gets to return to his hometown, Madrid. He visits his old school, where a young woman named Fernanda meets him. Fernanda is the mother of his two children, Thierry and Vanessa. In her first words to him, Mario states, “My sister and I are very happy. That’s why I got to come back to Madrid.”


In one of the most touching scenes from the series, Mario approaches Fernanda at the gates of her home after finding out that her husband has died in a plane crash. After giving her some money to spend, Mario asks her if she knows where the woman is today. She answers, through an interpreter, that she is with her husband, Mario. The interpreter then shows Mario that her husband is not really dead but has simply gone on a business trip. As the audience is left in awe of the true character of Mario Casas, it becomes clear that the actress playing his friend is really more than a Spanish actor, and a friend to Mario Casas.


Regardless of how long you have been studying the art of acting, you can easily pick up a few tricks from the Spanish-speaking people that have come before you. You may be able to further your acting career by taking a Spanish course. While a film el Camino Los ingleses may not yet interest you as much as seeing how Mario Casas goes from rags to riches (in a very short time), you can still learn a lot from the Spanish films being made today. So, why not try to brush up on your Spanish now?

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