‘Irene’ Movie Review – Starring Audrey Chow – Jordi Alba

Jordi Mollà I Perales isn’t your typical Spanish actor, musician, or director. He’s been nominated three times for the Goya Award, awarded twice for the Best Actor in The Lucky Star, The Second Skin, and El Cónsula de Sodom. This award for his role as Jon Heder in The Lucky Star is actually Jordi’s third of his film career, following such films As I See You, Summer of Love, and A Bug’s Life. Like many other rising stars in Spain, Jordi was born in Seville. His first brush with Hollywood came during the age of eighteen when he acted in some low budget films made by some local companies that failed to impress him with their visual qualities.


Later on he was cast in the popular soap opera La Perla which ran for eleven seasons, and his first real acting role came in the movie La Familia, playing the cynical, yet heroic Captain Ruben. This role proved to be very popular with the masses in Spain and he would feature in various TV shows and movies in the years to come. During the nineties he appeared in more mainstream fare, appearing in action movies such as Dune, Pirates of the Caribbean, and The Mask, before moving onto starring in musicals and films. It was while doing this that he met Andrés Busch, who would form the casting company Mambino Regan. During this period, Jordi Mollà decided to take his acting career into a different direction, to pursue an acting education, working with Andrés Busch and learning the art of improvisation.


J Jordi Mollà has done quite well for himself, playing both good and bad roles in films, and has even won many awards for his efforts. However, his best known roles are those linked to his musical theater, starting with the award winning musical La Famamante, before landing his first leading role in La Perla, which he also produced and starred in. During the late eighties, he began to feature in more Spanish films, with some of them going on to win prestigious prizes at the Academy Awards. Some of his later films include the action-adventure series, Codeine, as well as the remake of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell! For his part, J Jordi Mollà has said that he enjoys being involved with the acting side of the film more than the technical aspects.


One of his most striking features is his ability to draw people into the middle of his facial hair, as he did in La Perla… and in other films… Andrés Busch would often use his familiar “Comes a moment” routine in order to get viewers interested in his character. One scene from La Perla that demonstrates this is when Mollà’s character goes out with his friend Ignacio to buy some cigarettes, Ignacio notices that there is some graffiti that covers part of the wall, which he decides to ask about… (cue music). Mollà then proceeds to ask Ignacio why he did it, to which the friend responds by pulling a gun out which accidentally hits Moll Archdemon’s chin, sending him running for his life – only for the gun to accidentally end up in the open air, causing him to fall to the ground. Mollà then falls to the ground but then recovers thanks to Ignacio helping him up. As the movie progresses we learn more about what happened to Moll Andrews during this episode, and it becomes clear that Ignacio was responsible for his friend’s injury.


As such, the film carries with it an essential message about the responsibility of individuals – especially when it comes to matters of life and death. It’s not just enough to have a cool car, or an attractive wife. We as humans have to be responsible for our actions. Even if you are a driving force behind the wheel of a fast car, driving without consideration for others who might get hurt (or worse) is careless and could end up making you go to prison (and in some countries, your driver’s license could be suspended for a long time). As such, La Perla is one of the best films of 2021 (so far) and one that I highly recommend anyone who has not yet seen to check out…


The movie opens up in a driving scene on the freeway, where a young lady named Elle (Brigitte Bardot) sits in the front passenger seat. A man named Pedro (Darius Holofoil) sits in the car beside her. The two are drinking and are getting ready for a good night on the town. As they are cruising along, their car breaks down and they start having an argument about the broken gas tank.


As it turns out, Jordi and Pedro were hanging out together, though not legally married, and when the car broke down they got into a fight about it, causing the other to slam his head against the concrete (which is actually what he does in the film, though we never see him do it in real life). When the police arrive they find them both passed out on the ground. According to the constable, there is no proof either of intoxication or of any crime, but the woman and man were arrested anyway. Elle tries to cheer her friend up, but she can’t seem to shake off the feeling that something is wrong. This leads her friends to a party, where she decides to meet Mr. X, whom she had met earlier in Barcelona. They all go to his apartment alone, where she tries to convince him to take her back, but he politely refuses.


The next day Elle’s friend finds her at the police station, where she tells them about what happened that night. Jordi then goes to get herself treated for a broken arm, while Mr. X goes to visit his deceased friend in the hospital. Finally, Jordi gets the proof she needs, after which Mr. X realizes that perhaps his friend was having an affair, which leads the couple to break up.

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