Exploring Javea de Jaenada With Your Own Holiday

The scar Jaenada in the Andaman is a popular spot for diving. This beautiful island is located east of Andaman and approximately 50 kilometers west of Port Blair, is the second largest of the Andaman archipelago. It is home to many interesting sites, including relics from ancient times, wrecks of World War Two, the only coral reef in the Indian Ocean and an incredible underwater attraction.


The best time to visit this island is from October to March, when the months of rains cause the island to dry up and become less interesting. The best months to enjoy diving in the Andaman are June, July and August. The Andaman Ocean is a shallow, tropical sea that has lots of wonderful wrecks to dive in. Snorkelling is the preferred sport here, with a wide variety of wonderful marine life and coral reefs for divers to explore. This is also the best time to go bird watching, with bright flocks of flamingos.


The beauty of the scar lies in its clear waters, which is why it is a popular destination for snorkelling. The Andaman Coastline Research Institute offers the best snorkelling and scuba diving experience on the island. Its expert instructors can help you get started on your trip and will also make necessary adjustments to your equipment to ensure you have the most comfortable and safe experience. You can rent equipment and experience this sport all by yourself. This gives you the option to spend more time enjoying the scenery. The institute also provides other activities you can do on the island such as bird watching and seal watching.


Another good activity that you can do on the island is kayaking. Kayaking is among the best activities of all, and this can also be done on the scar. The terrain of the island is ideal for kayaking, and there are a number of campsites along the beach where you can camp and rest. There are also some small sailing vessels available for rent, which are perfect for sightseeing.


You can also try your hand at heli-skiing or parasailing if you’re looking for an adventure on the sun-drenched beaches. The landscape of the area is ideal for these activities, and even if you aren’t experienced, the instructors at Andaman Explorer can help you get started. As with kayaking and scuba-diving, the best way to see the scenery is to hire a guide, who can show you around. The institute provides different kinds of tour packages, which include things like bird watching, sunset safaris, and eco-tours.


Jet skiing and paragliding are also some of the best activities to do in Jaenada. The jet ski can give you an exciting experience as it floats over the Andaman Sea, but this sport can be expensive. Paragliding is a popular activity in the region, especially because there are no jet boats. It is a popular activity in spring when there is good weather, and the sun is out. But you can try jet skiing or paragliding any time in the year.


Fishing is a popular sport in the village, which provides the visitors with a chance to indulge in some local fish species. Snorkeling is also popular in the area, with the shallow waters and crystal clear waters being ideal for swimming. If you’re interested in diving, however, you should visit the nearby Phang-Nga Bay, where there are several wrecks that are home to rare and exotic fish. You can even go deep sea fishing in one of the Andaman cruise boats, if you’re feeling adventurous.


No visit to Jaenada would be complete without experiencing one of the many restaurants that offer delicious seafood, including the world famous Andaman crab. You can eat fresh crab, grilled fish, and seafood in the restaurants. For souvenirs, the locals have their own recipes, which are easy to prepare and are very tasty. They are also affordable, so you can enjoy a varied range of tastes along with the cultural experience of the area.

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