Crime Scene Investigation – A Story About a Murder Mystery

In Exorcist, Fernando Rey (Carlo Cecchinetti) is a layman who works as a tour guide for the Catholic Church. One day, he witnesses a satanic sacrifice. The sacrifice turns out to be a man who was trying to sacrifice his own son to Satan. What started off as a simple story ends up becoming one of the most disturbing films I have ever seen. This is an example of how art can effect our lives in a negative way. But is it?


The movie starts with the priest telling the group of people in the bus to be quiet and not to make a sound while they are traveling to a hilltop where the sacrifice will take place. I felt the tension build as the minutes passed but fortunately the bus conductor announced that they have arrived at their destination. The bus is now parked in the middle of the road where the sacrifice will take place. A line of about 30 people, children mostly, are lined up to get into the killing zone.


The father of the family enters with his three-year-old son. He is dressed formally and has a look of authority over the entire group of people. There is no sign of his son having been hurt in any way. His wife is beside him and she appears to be very relieved that her husband has come. They are all waiting for their sacrifice.


As the priest talks to them, his mother arrives and is very upset. She accuses the father of ignoring his wife and child’s welfare. But the father brushes off her accusations saying that his wife left him and took the child’s custody several years ago when he decided to quit his job. This does not stop the mother from accusing him of negligence.


As the older ones get on, the father makes a few suggestive gestures to the mothers. They allude to sex and say things like, “we can watch from here.” The mother tries to stop them but fails. As she attempts to interfere, the father suddenly gets up and starts pacing the room. He continues to tell the children stories about his wife and children.


Finally, the mother asks her daughter if she could see her son. The girl complies but the father ignore her request and walk out of the room leaving her to stare after her son alone. He then walks back in carrying a story about his wife and his two daughters. This could be a rape story or it could be that he is trying to comfort the frightened girl.


The movie ends with the mother going to the police station to file a report. The father is questioned and it is revealed that the father was in fact at the scene of the crime the whole time. He told the police that he had been watching his son while his wife was taking a bath. His reason for being there was to comfort the little girl. He also said that his daughter had been threatened by some unknown person in the bathroom.


One of the scariest features of the film is that the killer Orritu kills his entire family. This is a story that could have easily been enacted in Brazil, India, or Japan. As the audience can imagine, this act of revenge is carried out with precision and great skill. The slow-mo effect combined with the suspense and the macabre music accompanying the crime scene make this movie a definite must-see movie…


Once the father of two children is dead, his wife carries on with her life. She tries to run away from home, but she is stopped at a red light. The attacker then drives her vehicle at high speed, kills her, and drags her body through the woods.


Several months later, the father of the victim comes across a clue in the form of a vague letter which has the name and address of the assailant. Upon reading the letter, the father goes to the police in order to find the culprit. Although the police are not sure who committed the crime, they are not positive that it is his daughter who committed it either. As such, they do not want to arrest him, believing that he may have killed her.


In the end, the father figures out that it was his daughter who planned the crime, and she did so with the help of her boyfriend. With this information in hand, the investigation begins, and this time the detectives from the Miami Dade Police Department find the killer. He turns herself in, and the story ends with the police arresting the suspect for the murder of the victim and the recovery of her unborn child.

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