A Look at Jean-Louis Trintignant

Jean-Louis Trintignant is an extremely versatile French actor/comedian. He has appeared in a number of iconic films throughout his career. The early works which defined him as an actor and comedy stylist were The Great Depression (1947), The Bad Sister (1949), Take Me Out (1950), and Citizen Joe (1953). More recently he has established himself as an achieved screenwriter and producer.


Jean-Louis Trintignant was born in Occombe, France, the son of immigrant parents who migrated to America. His family later returned to France. Trintignant attended the University of Genoa, where he first began to develop a comedic style. After graduating in 1954, he began to hone his acting skills by appearing in various short films made for French television.


Following the success of Le Combat Dans, Jean-Louis went to work on several other projects. The first was an Italian series called La Dolce Vita, in which he played the role of an aging opera singer. The second was a remake of King of the Hill, in which he played an obnoxious dentist. Finally, he was cast as the comic foil for Sean Connery in the film version of Rounders.


All these projects did not go well, but they helped him build a reputation for himself as an accomplished and versatile actor. It was with these roles that he gained notice in Hollywood, and from there, he landed some small parts in movies directed by John LSD. The role of Jean-Louis Trintignant in Don’t Walk on the Corner was one of those minor roles. But it did give him the experience of playing an anti-hero in a movie, something that would later become quite common.


When Don’t Walk on the Corner was released in the United States, it was a box office hit. It was a far cry from the classy fare that had been sent over the previous year. The film itself was a hilarious comedy, and the star of the show was Jean-Louis Trintignant. His performance did not overcome the poor script, but instead made him even more famous.


A year later, The Man Who Played With Dogs (also known as Dogfight! ), a farcical film starring Jean-Louis Trintignant as a blind old man who lures dogs, appeared in theaters. Though it was a commercial failure, it did help him sell more of his movies including Don’t Walk on the Corner and The Man Who Played With Dogs. It is interesting to note that both of these films were directed by Richard Glauberman, the same director who helmed Don’t Walk on the Corner. It is also worth noting that Alain Ducasse wrote and starred in both of these movies, which only proves how successful they were.


After working with the legendary Richard Glauberman, Jean-Louis Trintignant decided to take things into his own hands. One movie that he was responsible for was The Replacements, an intelligent and stylish drama about how the dismissal of prominent scientists affects society. Another one of his brilliant films was The Great Bazaar; which featured Robert Duvall, George Clooney, Marilu Henner, and Dustin Hoffman. Of all of these, The Replacements stands out as his greatest film, and it also starred Jean-Louis Trintignant’s son. The movie was a box office hit, and the cast also included George Clooney, Dustin Hoffman, and Robert Duvall. These actors are known collectively as the Replacements, and the name has stuck.


Another great movie that Jean-Louis Trintignant directed was Band of Brothers, which starred Dan Aykroyd, John Aston, and Mike Epps. Like The Replacements, this film was a box office hit, and it also starred George Clooney, Dan Aykroyd, and Mike Epps. A lot of his work throughout his career was directed by Roger Reisler, which also features in this list. Jean-Louis Trintignant was no doubt a major player in motion pictures, regardless of genre, and he was definitely a talented director and performer.

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