Impotance of health in 2021

The trite aphorism Health is Wealth defines the importance of health to society. Ill health causes a high rate of turnover and absenteeism, occupational dissatisfaction and inexcusably discourages industrial activity. On the other hand, the associated natural effects of good health are high rate of physical deaths and absenteeism, fewer industrial accidents and occupational diseases. The importance of good health also includes economic benefits and social benefits through better productivity and output.


The industrial revolution led to profound changes in the working conditions and working style of the people. It was a period when the working conditions were radically changed in all industries starting from textile mills, leather industry to steel industry. This fundamental change brought about significant changes in the working mentality of the people. It brought about changes in the mental attitude of the people. Overall, it brought about changes in the overall functioning of society.


Society has the high task of ensuring that it attains a level of overall good physical health through adequate education, healthcare and promotion of physical activities. In order to achieve healthy levels of physical health, a strong sense of mental health is also important. However, it is very difficult to maintain a healthy mental health in today’s society when stress and environmental factors are major contributing factors for ill health. The significance of mental health in society is therefore more important than ever.


Societies that have a healthy lifestyle are less likely to suffer from poverty and hunger. They have better average scores in various exams conducted across the world. They have higher employment rates, higher level of property ownership and lower levels of illiteracy. All these factors contribute towards the importance of good health and its maintenance.


Mental disorders are the major cause for poor health and ill-health. This is the reason why the importance of good health and well-being should be promoted among people from all walks of life. When a person is healthy, he/she is able to perform all his/her duties with ease and competence. The importance of physical fitness and the ability to stay fit also contribute towards the well-being of an individual.


Community health education is a major tool at the disposal of the society for promoting good health among its residents. The decreased participation in physical activities due to sedentary lifestyles and unhealthy diets has increased the pressure on our reproductive organs and can adversely affect fertility. A decrease in reproductive functions and ability to attain puberty can lead to reduced intellectual capabilities and reduced productive capacity. All these can have serious consequences on the economic development of the nation.


The importance of community health education lies in its ability to reduce the risk of all kinds of diseases prevalent among an aging population. With proper implementation of effective strategies, it can ensure improved nutrition, physical activities and healthy lifestyle. It is believed that increased longevity, improved immunity against communicable diseases and premature death can be brought about by proper implementation of these strategies. All these things can help bring down the ratio of morbidity and mortality and improve overall wellness.


The lack of awareness regarding the importance of wellness has led to several complications and health issues. However, with community health education, this trend can be reversed and the importance of good health can be achieved. Awareness promotes a change in behavior and encourages individuals to take responsibility for their health and fitness. A combination of healthy eating habits, regular exercise and regular exposure to sunlight can ensure the overall wellness and importance of health education.


Community-based programs have the ability to reduce the burden caused by communicable diseases by reducing the spread of virus and infection. It helps to promote good health through a coordinated effort. The importance of having access to clean water can reduce the risks associated with several types of diseases. Effectiveness of waste disposal can help reduce the risks of all kinds of diseases associated with unsafe environments.


The importance of having a complete physical health and wellness policy can be achieved by involving all the employees into this program. Prevention and early detection of such diseases can reduce the severity of complications and save the life of the person affected. Regular evaluation and assessment of the employees can identify those at high risk of contracting communicable diseases and those at risk of contracting physical ailments. Effective implementation of a complete physical health and wellness policy should include assessment of the needs of the staff in maintaining good health and designing a plan accordingly. It should also include strategies to promote healthy lifestyle.


With all the aspects considered, it can be concluded that the importance of having a well-being policy in health issues is vital for the overall well-being of the people. Prevention of communicable diseases and early diagnosis of such diseases can reduce the impact of such diseases on the productivity of the organization and decrease the cost associated with treating the consequences. This can have a tremendous impact on the organization’s profitability as well.

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